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I do not like money dealers. But, Emilie, replied the Baron de Villaine, the husband of the Counts second daughter, you do not like lawyers either; so that if you refuse men of wealth who have not titles, I do not quite see in what class you are to choose a husband. Especially, Emilie, with your standard of slimness, added the LieutenantGeneral. I know what I want, replied the young lady. My sister wants a fine name, a fine young man, fine prospects, and a b5 number phone real thousand francs a year, said the Baronne de Fontaine. Monsieur de Marsay, for instance. I know, my dear, retorted Emilie, that I do not mean to make such a foolish marriage as some I have seen. Moreover, to put an end to these matrimonial discussions, I hereby declare b5 number phone real I shall look on anyone who talks to me of marriage as a foe to my peace of mind.
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